The Hotel

Várda Sport Hotel is located in a popular part of Kisvárda, next to the Kisvárda Castle, in a calm, quiet environment provided by the castle garden. The history of the Hotel’s logo can be traced back hundreds of years: the inscription “Varda” in our logo mentions the name of Kisvárda in this form in a charter titled “List of Várda estates (...)” signed in 1453. A digital copy of the document can be viewed here.

The Hotel’s facilities and services that meet all needs provide excellent conditions for the preparation of sports teams, individual athletes, and the organization of training camps. We provide an excellent venue for both professional and amateur teams staying in our region and city, whether it’s a pre-match preparation or even a longer-term training camp. A whole range of excellent locations awaits our guests wishing to play sports, about which you can read detailed information on our website.

Without the need for completeness: New Kisvárda Stadium, soccer pitches, indoor and outdoor training courts, swimming pool - a venue with a 50-meter competition pool and many other excellent facilities and equipment. In addition to these, the facilities of our city and the proximity of the River Tisza and the Rétközi Lake provide a suitable location for lovers of cycling and kayaking.

We welcome all youth and adult professional and amateur teams coming to our region, our city, who want to stay nearby before their league, cup or tournament match. The immediate vicinity of the Hotel and the sports complex provides an excellent opportunity for calm and quality preparation.


Our conference room, which can accommodate up to 112 people, can be a perfect place for the professional preparation and tactical discussions of the teams. The room can be used as one and separately, divided to smaller parts; it is an air-conditioned room equipped with a projector and a screen.

After a day full of active sports, it is really uplifting to have a refreshing drink on our terrace overlooking the Kisvárda Castle, in a calm environment, or just refresh yourself in the wellness area of the Hotel. In addition to sports, rest and regeneration are at least as important. Our Hotel and its immediate surroundings offer many opportunities for active and relaxing recharging. The medicinal water bath in our immediate vicinity uniquely helps the rapid regeneration of tired muscles, and our Hotel is the only one from which we provide a direct passage to it. 

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